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Hyver, the UK's first B2B staff-sharing marketplace.

In need of extra support? Discover flexible, affordable hiring options without sacrificing on quality.

Overflowing with talent? Explore funded secondment opportunities to retain your top employees and provide them with exciting learning and development experiences on external projects.

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What's on the Marketplace

In our B2B Staff-Sharing marketplace you have the opportunity to hire a candidate or lend your own employee.In our B2B Staff-Sharing marketplace you have the opportunity to hire a candidate or lend your own employee.

What is Hyver?

Hyver is a B2B marketplace, where non-competing businesses build strategic partnerships and help one another. If you have temporarily under-utilised staff on the bench, loan them out to new partners through Hyver! If your resources are over-stretched, borrow the best talent whose parent companies find them "too good to let go".


Projects Delivered

Enabling bussineses to temporarily exchange talent.


Businesses Signed Up

Create pages, drop in images, and tell your own story to engage visitors.


Delivered Hours

Go live and share your business website with the outside world.

Join 100's of bussinesses Hyving their way

Main business pains that Hyver alleviates

✔️     Cash Constraints and Talent Acquisition

✔️     Navigating Funding Gaps and Employee Retention

✔️     Securing Reliable Offshore Technical Talent

✔️     Enhancing Employer Appeal Amidst Competition

How can Hyver help my business?

When times are good and you experience a peak in workload, avoid hiring premium contractors and hit-and-miss freelancers. Borrow staff through Hyver! And when times are tough, making unwanted redundancies is a problem of the past. Hyver offers a lifeline, helping you to loan your staff out on a temporary basis until the business is in a better place to have all staff back, working full-time.

Loan Your Employee

Loan your employees and assign them to exciting external projects.

Borrow Top Talent

Publish job descriptions and find high quality talent that suit your project budget and capacity.

How Hyver works

Step 1

The Need

A business shares JDs if looking to borrow staff and/or CVs if looking to offer staff.

The Need

Discover the efficiency of our AI-powered portal, where crafting the perfect CV or JD is just a matter of minutes. Whether you're looking to offer your candidate or hire the ideal candidate for your team, our intuitive platform streamlines the process.

Step 2

The Match

Hyver matches shared staff to hiring businesses

The Match

At Hyver, we redefine professional matchmaking with our 96% accurate AI-powered algorithm. Our platform is expertly designed to pair shared staff with hiring businesses, ensuring a seamless fit for your company's unique needs.

Step 3

The Project

Matched parties sign Hyver B2B secondment agreement

The Project

After matched parties finalize terms, a B2B secondment agreement is swiftly signed, clearing the path for immediate project commencement. Secure your partnership and get ready to advance with Hyver's streamlined process.

Diverse skills and jobs to offer

Explore the range of Hyver's talent and opportunities on offer.

Use Hyver AI Calculator

No one wants to pay over the odds or accept an offer that is too low where staffing is concerned.
Use our AI-powered calculator to set and accept the best rates.

Finding out what is the most affordable AND responsible rate to offer can be tricky. Save yourself the headache or second guessing what rates to charge. Using AI technology, Hyver calculator reads what the current market rates are and what rates are most successful in our platform. This ensures your business best interests are uncompromised, while increasing your chances of securing a match through Hyver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hyver is an online B2B staff-sharing marketplace. It is a gateway to loaning and borrowing pre-vetted professionals through a partnership agreement between non-competing businesses.

Hyver promotes B2B collaboration. It resolves a technical resourcing problem for one business, by turning it into a business opportunity for another. This helps secure jobs and supports business growth and sustainability.

Our staff-sharing solutions are delivered through a safe and efficient digital environment that protects clients' interests.

Once you sign up, you can browse the candidates and jobs available on our marketplace. You can offer talent to be shared by creating searchable and anonymised CV cards. Similarly, you can post jobs by creating Job Cards. You can pick a match or receive requests to be matched.

Registering and browsing your options on Hyver is totally free. As a marketplace, we charge a competitive, no-win no-fee 10% matching commission. This is applied on any revenue the loaning (parent) company generates from the agreement and it doesn't affect the employee's wages.

This means that hiring through Hyver doesn't cost you any recruitment charges, and offering parties are only charged a small (capped) commission when a project is won and revenue is generated.

A minimum fee of £199+VAT per complete project applies.

Hyver is not a recruitment agency. Instead, it offers an alternative service to finding flexible staff, solving temporary resource-management problems for businesses.

Engaging with Hyver is not much different to hiring a consultancy or a resource-centric agency. The difference is that we match pre-vetted candidates and businesses, and prepare the legal platform for the matched companies to work together in a safe, secure and responsible manner. Using economies of scale and automation, and leveraging optimisation through machine learning, we deliver our service more reliably and cost-effectively.

There is no other service out there that enables an employer to offer their employees the security and benefits of a full-time employment, with added job stability, and the option to enjoy a career portfolio lifestyle that drives L&D activities, staff morale & loyalty, and innovation.

Hyver model works for virtually any business. The main benefit comes in sharing white-collar workers.

At present, we mainly support UK-registered businesses, with a focus on technology, design & marketing, financial services and admin support.

We identify a broad range of specialists that can work across different (and non-competing) industries. These include experts in IT, software & web development, project management, marketing & PR support, operations, cybersecurity, health and safety, data management, blockchain, quality assurance and many more.

For example, IT and software development skills and resources are equally essential in FinTech, education and logistics despite the 3 sectors being completely different and most companies from the 3 sectors being non-competing in nature.

Hyver offers all businesses a safety net without any upfront cost.

Instead of relying on hit-and-miss freelancers or on contractors that come at a premium (sometimes through recruitment and umbrella agencies), Hyver allows businesses access to the highly sought-after experts, pre-vetted and trained by their parent company, through a secure and responsible platform. Talent is shared via a services agreement signed with a business that you can establish a partnership with and often for long-term collaboration. Talent is hired out at affordable rates that are comparable to full-time market rates.

This balance of having reliable, affordable, and flexible resourcing is what makes Hyver so attractive and unique. It is a solution fit for The Future of Work and the demands of the new workplace.

If times are hard and your business experiences a lull in workload, Hyver can drive interesting projects your way to assign your under-utilised staff to and support your business in keeping their wages uninterrupted. This helps you avoid laying off skilled and loyal workforce while increasing your company revenue, since staffing costs are shared with another, non-competing company.

Beyond vetting businesses and resources and matching collaborating companies, we prepare a bespoke (and optional) B2B services agreement for the 2 matched companies to sign and use for the B2B secondment.

Throughout the duration of the contract we track its progress and where requested, can provide non-binding recommendations in cases of failure, dispute, extension or renewal.

In our standard service we DO NOT manage the project deliverables NOR guarantee the delivery of the work. This allows us to offer competitive matching rates. We can however, assign a project managing agent (often assuming a scrum master role for agile project delivery) as an add-on service costing between 10% and 25% the overall project value. Please contact us if you wish to learn more.

We carry out non-intrusive due diligence on any clients we on-board. This involves financial and non-financial checks.

Using AI and Big Data, the portal keeps on improving the quality of businesses and candidates joining Hyver, and our proprietary algorithm generates a dynamic “confidence” score that curates matching results you are presented with.

Simply visit our homepage and click on Sign Up to join for free. You will be guided through a short on-boarding form. You will immediately be able to access your free portal account where you can search for external candidates and jobs, as well as start creating and publishing job cards (for hiring borrowed staff) and CV cards (for loaning out your employees).

Once your account is verified by our team you will have full access to projects and candidates available at Hyver and will be able to start matching with them.

Whoever signs up needs to be a decision maker in the company and will become our primary point of contact.

No. All agreements are B2B. Let's face it, businesses are more trustworthy and reliable when it comes to protecting information and employees' rights and interests. There's more at stake.

Businesses are more trustworthy and reliable when it comes to protecting information and employees' rights and interests. There's more at stake.

Through Hyver, assigned talent are treated as extended resources to the hiring party. Matched clients agree on how that is managed when the contract is signed (including personnel management, location and working times).

Hyver is a free lifeline that businesses can use to help retain the highly valued and talented staff they invested in training and developing. This improves their overall job security and helps avoid laying off your most loyal and talented employees. Losing them would be very costly and they are often hard to replace when the business is back in a better place.

Furthermore, Hyver is a cost-effective route for developing and up-skilling talent, not only for those loaned out, but also for the hosting teams.

Considering that career progression is often held up by lack of funds or the opportunity to develop, Hyver addresses this head on by offering new skill development routes which also generate revenue - effectively funding talent training and progression. In fact, the feedback we collected suggests that many employees are very open to being part of new projects with other companies. This change in the work environment can be refreshing, broadens skills and drives creativity and innovation.

Hyver is designed for ONLY consenting employees to take part in a staff-sharing project. Potential resistance from employees is perfectly normal considering the change and “new” concept Hyver brings to traditional work. Our recommendation is that clients offer their staff full transparency of the process and the chance to fully understand and appreciate what staff-sharing will offer them as individuals, as well as the company.

Hyver operate a zero-tolerance policy on “staff pimping” or pressuring staff into working on external projects, especially outside the scope defined in their employment contracts. To avoid ambiguity, the legal responsibility remains the sole responsibility of the parent company hiring their employed staff out. Neither Hyver nor the hiring party are liable over any cases of violations of employment contracts. Our offered B2B contract template captures such obligations and requires shared staff to review and approve of the contract duration, scope and working capacity.

Broadly speaking, the T&Cs you accept when joining Hyver manage two main things:

- The “business requirements” information you share with us
- The details of the “match” we present to you

Let’s make it crystal clear. Without your consent, we will never share non-public information you provide us with to any 3rd parties. Full stop.

When a match is presented to you, this is the fruit of our labour. While our terms don’t bind you to agree to what we present, they simply prevent you from using such information to generate revenue or save costs without compensating us. Still, we have included some useful “exit” clauses that cap how much commission we can make out of each match we present to you.

Beyond the match, the involved parties are legally bound by whatever terms are included in their B2B contract. Our standard contract protects against loss of IP and employee poaching. It also manages failure or delays relating to services and payments.

The risk involved in our service model is relatively low. In fact, it is comparable to entering a conventional B2B outsourcing agreement, where sharing some commercially-sensitive information is necessary for delivering the job (e.g. technical drawings to engineering consultants, or financial transactions to accountants). The B2B contract includes the necessary NDA terms that protect your business interests.

Your disclosure of any sensitive information to Hyver is protected by the T&Cs you sign with us when a match is confirmed. The same applies to other clients we match you with. Hence, we act as the secure hub with legally-sound channels of information-sharing.

When an initial match is confirmed, we only share minimal and preliminary information (excluding company and people's specific details, such as name and location) until you indicate you are happy for such information to be disclosed.

Assuming you are not engaged in any service contract with another client, you can call it quits at any time without incurring any fees.

You can request for any person-identifying, or commercially-specific and commercially-sensitive, information we may hold to be permanently erased.

One condition remains applicable, of course, is your commitment to not engage in any resource, talent or staff-sharing work capacity with any clients we introduce you to after exiting (except where an “exit fee” has been concluded). Such bounds are NOT in perpetuity.

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